September Issue: “The Real Devil Wears Prada”

September Issue Documentary


Although someone is not interested at all in the fashion industry will know what “Vogue” is.

Vogue is a top fashion and lifestyle magazine published in 16 countries plus Latin America by Condé Nast Publications.

The American Vogue is the head of this fashion business. That’s why the well-known filmaker R.J Cutler was brave enough to go with his camera inside the run-up of its September issue, which is the most important of the year, as “September is the January of fashion”.

Cutler had the prestige in 2007 to come inside the agitated world of Anna Wintour, middle-aged British editor-in-chief of the US magazine for over two decades, being the most important figure in the $300 billion global fashion industry.

Her short blonde straight hair, skinny siluette, serious face and huge sunglasses intimidates more than a real devil wearing Prada. Nevertheless, more than an icon she is a legend that people not only feared, but revered.

Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor

She said smiling: “There’s someting about fashion that can make people nervous.”

Cutler offers the world and insight of the enormous industry of Vogue, offices, photo shoots, meetings and genius minds, showing what’s going on behind that cover people see in the news agencies.

This documentary shows that there’s nothing easy behind the so popular magazine.

 Unimaginable work and money is running while the issue is being made.

Conflicts, decisions, travelling, fashion designers, photographers and a big staff are putting all their sweat in each paper.

Such as Wintour, Grace Coddington, creative director, who has been in the magazine for more than two decades as well, is a perfect example of the complicated life they have while working in October for the upcoming issue.

This former top model from Ahglesey,  frizzy and sponged ginger hair, explains clearly her conflicts between her and Wintour when the word decisiveness comes to the table.

The truth is that although Coddington’s work is amazing and final decisions are made by her and Wintour together, is Wintour who always decides what’s in and what’s out.

In addition, the work of Thakoon Pachingul, Vogue’s thailandese fashion designer is shown while Wintour squeeze his ideas to get the best from his artistic aptitudes.

Important figures as the international designer Oscar de la Renta and the peruvian royal photographer Mario Testino, take a role during the shooting of September Issue, where their amazing job guides step by step the structure of the magazine.

Moreover, the actress Sienna Miller was chosen to be on the cover, being one more celebrity in the collection of this magazine.

 Was Wintour who come with the idea of having celebrities in the cover instead of models, and in fact, this was a bomb that triggered the success of such a powerful magazine.

This documentary shows how Vogue is controlling the fashion business today and how the fashion world is more than what we can roughly see.

It’s an entire and pure art of work.

Sienna Miller in Vogue's September Issue (2007)

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