Union jack wave: British cool

More than a patriotic symbol, it is a fashion symbol

"Lust Haves" by Cosmopolitan magazine November 09

People from abroad wear T-shirts with the union jack although they don’t have “pure blood” from the UK, and in fact, this symbol doesn’t mean the same to them as to a proper British or Irish person.

However, for years, the British flag has been a code of fashion.

Today this code is still more than vivid, as top fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan,Bazaar and Vogue show the union jack as part of today’s ruling fashion, giving a focus to how well-known stores and designers keep creating clothes, shoes, bags, wallets and accesories with this so popular flag.

From expensive posh brands as Chanel and Gucci, to mid-market Zara, H&M, Next, Accesorize, River Island, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Anna Lou and even bargain stores such as Primark, sale a variety of union jack products, inspiring the British cool style.

In addition celebrities have made the union jack an established rule of fashion and an indispensable symbol in every wardrobe. Every Hollywood event has the union jacket colours on one or more guests.

“Lust haves” is the title that Cosmopolitan magazine gives to its patriotic content, with some very British and very quirky accessories in its November issue.

On the other hand, Harper’s Bazaar magazine titled this content with “God save the tee”, giving a focus to the punk and chic British style with a Dorothy Perkins T-shirt.

Moreover,  on Vogue’s November issue, “fly the flag in true British style” is the message in a short piece where the union jack takes again an important place in fashionland, looking more as a Caroline Gardner’s advertising than a fashion advise.

Nevertheless, curious about other cultures wearing these British colours, I asked Janin Barboza, a Venezuelan soap opera star, about the meaning of this symbol for her. She was wearing a Gucci bag with the union jack and said: “This bag was a limited edition from the Sloane Street Gucci store.

“I know it’s weird that being from Venezuela, I’m attracted to this symbol so much, but I think it is special and expressive. You can see it in every store at Oxford street and in every fashion magazine. It’s about the colours and style that makes you look nice with everything you wear. I just love it.”

Mi cumpleanos 2 de Abril de 2009 058
Venezuelan soap opera star, wearing Gucci Sloaney bag

However, no matter which your culture is or which style do you like, there’s union jack for every taste!

-More than a patriotic symbol, the union jacket is a fashion symbol-

Union jack piece by Harper's Bazaar magazine October 09
Top Shop union jacket modeled by Kate Moss. By Mario Testino (2008)
Primark handbag
Chanel handbag
Accessorize evening bag
River Island handbag

Anna Lou bracelet

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