Jacko in Britain’s no.1 women’s magazine

"RIP The King of Pop" in Glamour magazine, December 09


Glamour magazine reminded its readers the successful life of Michael Jackson on the last issue of this year.

Glamour  referred in the December issue to how the world did shake the 25th June when people heard the news of Jackson’s death, meaning that this was part of the condensed year of 2009.

While expecting such a big concert in London, he said “bye bye” and following this, he became the No1- selling artist in the world, with over 3.5 million singles and albums sold in the UK alone.

But, as it wasn’t enough, the rehearsals for the O2 shows were turned into a documentary called: “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” .

We can now see that Michael Jackson didn’t only shake the newspapers and the Media, he also took place in fashion magazines, such as Glamour.

As it is said in the article of Glamour: “The King of Pop may be gone, but his legacy lives on.”

"Michael Jackson This is It"-Movie

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