Jimmy Choo is now Payless Choo!

After so many ads and two launching events, including one the 13th November in London (where Vogue took part) Jimmy Choo for H&M is finally open for fashionistas!

Last Saturday 14th November, H&M opened its high-street doors worldwide!

Anxious audiences even slept in tents the night before to be the first ones to enjoy such an anticipated collection of fashion and accessories for men and women.

A 23-year-old boy who was out in London streets early in the morning, said: “It was raining and there were around 20 people, not only girls, but boys in tents at 6:15 a.m. in front of Knightsbridge’s H&M.”

The opening day was quite chaotic in some London popular H&M stores such as in Oxford Street, where more than a hundred of people were queuing.

Maria Orihuela, 19, who went desperately to buy something from this collection said hugging her new Jimmy Choo handbag: “This is crazy. The queu is so long and I had only 5 minutes to choose. But everything is spectacular and I got a voucher of 15% off, so it was more than perfect.”

The H&M in Knightsbridge was packed as well, but comparing it to H&M Oxford Street, it was more relaxed.

The area of the Jimmy Choo collection was being opened every 10 minutes letting in around 30 people, where they could choose and then pay outside the area.

A 22-year-old lady who was buying in Knightsbridge, said: “I think this collection is a really good idea because although you can’t afford to buy a Jimmy Choo at a regular store, you can go to H&M and have a pair for £80 or £100.

“It was well organised and not too packed, but there was a big line to get inside.”

Girl trying Jimmy Choo after choosing her two favourite pairs

The collection matches with the punk and rock and roll new era that every fashion magazine is proposing at the moment.

Jimmy Choo designer Tamara Mellon, features chic studded items including dresses, leggings, shoes, and handbags.

For men, the line offers boots, cardigans, and bags. Above all, prices are cheap if you consider typical Jimmy Choo prices

No matter what, girls from London wanted to walk in the street with their blue bag and arrived home saying “I got my Jimmy Choo”!

Jimmy Choo area opened every 10 minutes (Knightsbridge)
Man holding 4 Shoe boxes inside Jimmy Choo area
Girl trying Jimmy Choo shoes
Happy faces with their blue bags
Jimmy Choo for H&M blue bag

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