Union Jack is more than fashion

Remember my recent post –> Union Jack: British cool?

Apparently, the focus that fashion magazines and the fashion industry keep having on the trendy and chic Britain’s  flag has become more than fashion.

Union Jack moto in Cadogan Gardens
Tea time? (Selfridges)
Bon voyage!!! (Selfridges)
Union Jack "HOME" (Selfridges)

2 thoughts on “Union Jack is more than fashion

  1. I love the union jack as a fashion symbol, it just seems like a crime to be walking around London wearing it. I’d do it anywhere else though….what do you think?

    1. I don’t think its a crime to wear it though… its already part of fashion… And I’d wear it either here in London or anywhere else to be honest. I really like its colours and think it looks good with everything… jeans, leather jackets, skirts… bags accessories…everything

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