Vogue’s more dash than cash

By Vogue November 09

Trying to save some money and stay fashion at the same time?

Vogue proposed on its November issue the hidden potential in tea towels, rubber gloves, mop heads and more.

Whether sporting a military jacket and a customised M&S bra Vogue’s photos reveal how a brave sense of beauty and feverish attention to detail are key ingredients in an original look. It’s the upturned collar, the scrunched-up sleeve, the cinched waist that bring a fresh spirit.

No matter which the route is, they all lead to the same dashing inspiration…

So, enjoy this and think if you are brave enough to wear such creative things.

1. Tea Party. By Vogue November 09
2.Pick-and-mix kiosk. By Vogue November 09

Photo 1: inspired in a Chloe dress. It’s made from doilies, cupcake cases, a plastic tablecloth, a slosh of tea and a sprinkle of sugar. Total cost: £26.95.

Photo 2: 35 paper bags.Rike Feurstein’s hat. Total cost: £69.80

3. Blue-and-white. By Vogue November 09
3. Glove piece. By Vogue November 09

Photo3: Polythene blue-and-white shopping bags. Total cost: £2.00.

Photo 4: A clingfilm body-con dress is embellished with bath plug dots  and Marigold puffs, as inspired by Dolce & Gabanna’s slinky gowns with voluminous shoulders. Total cost: £151.50


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