Catchy sparkling eyes

They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. If this is true, it is necessary to highlight them, right?

Party Glitterati. By Vogue Dec.09

At first instance, what comes to mind is “eyeshadows”, they give colour and illumination to the eyes.

But, there’s a new trendy style that Vogue proposes on its December issue: a new party glitterati.

You may associate glitter with your childhood, with a playful time with friends where you had your make-up case filled with different colours of glitter, but today it has grown up and toughen up.

Now, it is something more sophisticated which emulates exquisite jewels. Eyes are the most elegant place to wear it.

However, from a long time ago many lipsticks and palettes started to come covered with a delicate layer of sparkles.

This means that since then there had been a spirit that wants to shimmer and sparkle.

That’s why sequin and now glitter are coming to the top in the fashion industry.

On the other hand, while Vogue proposes you to wear glitter this Christmas without a fear, Cosmopolitan shows some blistering makeup looks for this winter on its December issue.

Silver eye with frosty shades (Iron Maiden) and Deep green with metallic shades (Green Fairy).

Ice. By Cosmopolitan Dec.09
Green Fairy. By Cosmopolitan Dec.09

In addition, Marie Claire assures on its December issue that “everything is illuminated” with metallic make-up, luminous skin, shimmering hair, hot metal with bronze tones and golden eyes.

So the move of the moment is illumination to create a perfect Christmas party look.

As a final advice, Glamour proposes to “get lashed” with false lashes that are the ultimate fashion fix and are seen from dramatic and lush at Zac Posen to gorgeously girlie at Versace.

Would you wear some glimmer or prefer some hot metal instead?

Glitterati by Vogue Dec.09
Beauty section by Marie Claire Dec.09
Hot metal by Marie Claire Dec.09
Golden eyes by Marie Claire Dec.09

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