Testino, Testino, Testino and more Testino

Mario Testino, South American fashion and royal photographer

“Photography is a photo of a moment that actually exists”

Coming from miles away, a Peruvian fashion photographer arrived to London in 1976 with the objective of becoming the king of fashion shoots.

Mario Testino is today an icon in the fashion industry where he is worshiped. In 1997 his name climbed to the top after he photographed Lady Diana for her famous Vanity Fair cover.

Lady D for Vanity Fair. Photo by Mario Testino

Lady D for Vanity Fair. Photo by Mario Testino
Today, he’s the official royal photographer and Prince William and Harry frequently require his brilliant work.

In addition, this South American figure is the target for Vogue -he’s officially working for it-, Vanity Fair, GQ Magazine, V Magazine, V Man. He contributes to the campaign and image development of high profile brands such as Burberry, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Calvin Klein, D&G, Michael Kors, Stefanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Versace, Estee Lauder and Zara.

The film September Issue clearly shows his position of being Vogue’s favourite.

He has also shot celebrities such as Kim BasingerCameron DiazGwyneth PaltrowJulia RobertsMeg Ryan, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, models such as  Natalia VodianovaClaudia SchifferGisele BündchenElizabeth Hurley, and Kate Moss, performers such as Janet Jackson and Madonna, and public figures like Baroness Thatcher.

Fashion insiders say that he has a really good relationship with his favourite top model Kate Moss, who he frequently shots for different clients or either for his personal photo galleries. Testino told to CNN: “I think she’s the most beautiful girl. It’s energy what she irradiates…Is somebody that just has magic.”

In short words, this latin icon is EVERYWHERE! It’s quite difficult to look at a top fashion magazine and don’t see an artistic photo by him, or either himself  in various fashion events.

Last October he successfully launched a book inspired by the boys and girls from Copacabana, Mario de Janeiro Testino, in Paris. To keep the last days of this year excited, he won the Prix de la Mode Award and was also awarded with the Medal of Excellence by British luxury organisation Walpole.

Julia Carrick, CEO of  Walpole, said: “He is a highly influential figure across both, the fashion and luxury industries, and hugely deserving for this award and for all he has done for British fashion.”

A multitude of girls from all over the world come to his office in Paris to see if they find a chance of being shoot by such an iconic figure in the fashion business.

I really think he’s a god when the camera comes to his hands. The natural sparkle on his pictures are Testino’s special touch.

He told to CNN: “I’m obsessed with the fact that  photography is a photo of a moment that actually exists.”

– It’s easy to locate Testino at:

Art Partner, 13 Rue Yves Toudic 75010, France

– Or contact his office at: +33 142016077

How much would you pay for a photo shoot with such a recognized figure?

Mario Testino with top model Kate Moss
Mario Testino with designer and vogue.com blogger Savannah Miller

Mario Testino’s work, experiences and warm South American soul…

Video dowloaded on YouTube by bruceweber.

Video dowloaded on YouTube by bruceweber.

Video dowloaded on YouTube by bruceweber.

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