X Factor Dannii Minogue is Cosmopolitan’s new bombshell

Dannii Minogue on Comspolitan's cover, December issue 09

The Australian-born Danielle Jane “Dannii” Minogue has scaled a transformation this year as one of the judges of the so popular TV show X Factor, in company of figures such as Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole. And its worth to say that she is also a judge of Australia’s Got Talent.

She looks sexier and more secure than before with a fantastic new look and a new handsome man, model and Rugby player Kris Smith, 31.

The 38-year-old girl its on her best time ever, looking like a girl on her late 20s she has a group of fans that send her enough good vibrations to keep going on and climbing onwards.

Moreover, the Media keeps pushing her forward to the fashion world, transforming herself to a recognised style icon. Surprisingly, she is on the cover of Cosmopolitan on its December issue and won the Comspolitan’s Ultimate TV Personality Of The Year, beating Cheryl Cole.

Cosmopolitan said on its December issue: “Last year Dannii Minogue broke down TV. Now, she’s the golden girl and our Ultimate TV Personality Of The Year.”

Her personal hairdresser really had a magical touch when cutting her hair and making disappear an old Dannii Minogue to give birth to a youthful new one. According to Cosmopolitan, Dannii told them that she was seeking for reassurance from boyfriend Kris, who said “I love it”.

However, it was easy to notice that everyone really liked the new look and her new fresh attitude was immediately projected on the screen.

Now, everyone asks every weekend before the X Factor show “what’s, not only Cheryl Cole but Dannii, wearing tonight?” Public is always looking after their look and that makes them the fashion icons they actually are. Their success on fashion magazines is quite obvious.

Cheryl Cole’s boom began before, but today, today is Dannii’s new era!

Dannii Minogue posing her sexy face/Creative Commons
Dannii Minogue/Creative Commons
Dannii Minogue: A new style icon/Creative Commons
Dannii Minogue's new haircut/ Creative Commons

Photos from Creative Commons.

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