Mihai Albu, the Romanian ‘shoe architect’

Mihai Albu, former Romanian architect turned designer

Some people say that what really dresses the body are the accessories. The Romanian shoe designer, Mihai Albu, clearly proves this on his latest campaign, where nude bodies posed for his new collection.

Showing a great passion for object design, he turned from being an architect to a shoe designer, for what he’s known as the “shoe architect”. It’s easy to perceive that the heart and intention he puts in each pair of shoes is the same dedication that any architect will put on a whole project.

Although he might topped himself, he emphasizes the high heels and luxurious fabrics, catching the attention of the chic women. Costing around $1,000 and $2,000, his unique collections are well rewarded.

However, many of his shoes are just too much to actually wear them.  They look uncomfortable and once you wear them, everybody around will notice you are wearing the same pair of shoes again although it’s the second time using them. But honestly, what matters is what YOU like. At the end, more than following the fashion trends, is having your own and unique style, and for sure, you would identify yourself with a particular design of this Romanian architect.

And as if the high-street heels were not high enough, he recently launched the 12″ shoes, making you look taller than ever before. He was criticized by some, such as Perez Hilton, who said described the shoes as ‘hideous’. But for sure, short girls and women will be happy to grow up for a special occasion.

Nevertheless, his new spring/summer 2010 collection is absolutely stunning. Albu’s  shoes’ designs are simply, a piece of art.

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