LMFAO rocking a new “afro” and shades fashion

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Latest pic on their website: Redfoo and Skyblu
So, who’s ready for a champagne shower?

People will always try to copy their favourite artists and their very own style. Just wonder how many LMFAO‘s wannabes will try to copy these two “crazy dudes”, who I love. Won’t deny I try to be a copycat of their music videos and those rocking steps.

After their hits of “I’m in Miami Bitch”, “Party Rock Anthem” and now “Champagne Shower”, everybody it’s been shufflin around the world with the afro boys.

The point is, what a unique style they have, not a very fashion thing, just their very own thing, beyond insane and “cool”! The afros and plastic glasses frames without lenses, the huge fake  bling bling and incomplete clothes just make them who they are. Of course having particular shades has become part of celebrities style, such as Kanye West.

What a change they have done throughout the years… better afro, better style, better attitude, more fans, shuffling worldwide…

Here some of their Anthem hitting Jalouse nightclub in London on Wednesday 13 July:

LMFAO: "I'm in Jalouse bitch."
LMFAO spreading champagne shower to clubbers

Champagne shower:

Party Rock Anthem:

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