Amanda Holden is a casual blondie princess backstage

Amanda Holden: backstage outfit

AMANDA Holden keeps her fashion even backstage. She exchanged her ginger hair and green dress for a sporty casual outfit. Looking beautiful in her short blonde hairstyle Fiona remained a princess after playing her role in Shrek the Musical.

Khaki, cream colours and dark bluejeans ruled her outfit last night when leaving West End’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane, wearing her Chanel shades although it was almost 11:00 p.m.

The British star and judge of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent performed an outstanding role as Princess Fiona and her friendly personality attracted fans at the stage door, where she signed autographs and posed for FashionInsideOut.

I absolutely loved her Whistles look-alike cardigan and her tan leather bag. Summerish beige platforms gave the young and posh look. Love them!

And talking about Shrek, what an amazing play!… Beyond my expectations.

Loving her shoulder bag
Amanda Holden's big smile
Black shades from Chanel
Amanda Holden and FashionInsideOut

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