Britain’s summer fashion hits hot Brighton

Sandals: Primark and Zara

This week seems to be the hottest week in England’s summer season, and not only for the warm weather of up to 28 degrees, but also for the hot – and not so hot – bodies hitting London’s streets and the rocky beach of Brighton.

Brighton is very well known by Londoners as their closer spot to get tan in front of the sea. But the thing is that rarely Londoners are able to do it so, as grey clouds are usually hiding the sun.

However, yesterday was the perfect day to wear the swimsuit and hit the beach. Therefore, Britons and tourists visited England’s popular beachy city.

No doubt many people were swearing from their offices while looking at the hot sun hitting the city through their windows and no doubt that some other escape from work. I even saw some girls changing their bra for a bikini at the beach while some boys were with their underwear – not very sexy, plus what a lack of style!

An amazing day embraced Brighton and a summer fashion came out of everyone’s wardrobes. It was time for beachwear, colourful dresses, shorts, bikinis and flip flops!

Brighton is usually known for the gay culture that has invaded the city and for the punky characters you could find in. So indeed, a variety of personalities were exposing their fashion to the sun.


Brighton girls ready to lay on the rocks for sun tan!
Left: Lacoste polo and Zara skirt. Right: H&M dress
NOT SEXY: sun tan on underwear
Sun haters: some others preferred to hide from it
Tide up that messy hair with style!
Hot and windy?: plaits
Flower print and plain fashion
Punk fashion - why not?
Australian gang hits Brighton
Where's Bob Marley?

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