Half shaved hairstyle suits Cher Lloyd at her best moment as she hits number one

HOT: Cher's latest hairstyle

X-factor finalist and Cheryl Cole’s favourite girl in the TV show, Cher Lloyd, has made it to number one in UK’s chart with her single of Swagger Jagger. She receives the news at BBC Radio 1 with her half shaved hair and cries with her fans outsite the radio.

According to the 18-year-old singer, the meaning of this song is “I am who I am so don’t criticise me”, the chorus even says “you are a hater, let it go”.

Although her new album has been of the hate of so many, it has also been beloved by her fans, who follow and enjoy her different style and unique music, which mixes pop and rap.

The brand-new star has a particular style and with time she gets more tatoos and varies her haircut quite very often. I think it’s something to do with fame. Every artist goes through that stage… So let’s don’t be haters and let it go…

Her resemblance with Cheryl Cole keeps being in everyone’s mouth. But why does she wears so much foundation and plays with her eyebrows so much? She could be naturally pretty, let it go.

Key thing on her change of styles? Her HAIR. Of course, when your boyfriend is a hairdresser the desire to change hairstyle increases and even more when you are “in love” with him – perfect person to brainstorm about her hair with.

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