Fashion Inside Out’s silence has a valid reason!

Ladies & gentlemen, apologies for so much silence. I have been quiet the last few days because I have been working on the improvement of the website and moving Fashion Inside Out to an independent server, so those that know about what I’m talking about (I’m just learning) also know that exporting a website from a blog platform such as WordPress is not easy business, I mean for people like me that are not very patient with codes and web’s slowness. Therefore, I shouted for help and the amazing Housebites‘ web developer came to the rescue! Thanks Antonio Reyes! We are still working on it, so calm people, calm!

Fashion Inside Out will continue to roll with the domain of, where you can see now new posts and will be bringing you the sneak peeks of what’s happening in the fashion business from the view of a London-based blogger, now journalist and founder of Fashion Inside Out, of course ME… It’s E-G-O time! Get ready for great interviews, London people, events and new pages!

There has been an optimization of the website AND its content. So much exciting stuff coming up I can’t wait! Keep an eye on it because Linda Sharkey is bringing you the best of the best of the best while rocking a London lifestyle! Let’s rule it baby!

With love,

Linda x

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