Journalist from City University London, passionate about multimedia production, web and broadcasting, particularly focused in the fashion industry, international affairs, films and travelling.

Although I hate London’s weather as much as I hate mushrooms, I am enjoying the lifestyle in here. However, I do miss the Venezuelan tropical weather and the unique turquoise waters.

I have had work experiences that enriched my career in so many ways and guided me to the path I want to focus my career on. I worked in PR, and as online, print and broadcast journalist in so many ways.

Anyways, besides all the boring things that fill up my CV and won’t give much detail of, I’m an online savvy, social networker and fashion magazines junkie. I love travelling, flamenco dancing, skiing and kitesurfing. Absolutely enjoy watching a film while having some warm mixed popcorns, watching Two and a Half man as well as freaking out with the crazyness of Lost. I have always admired CNN, as one of the leaders of the broadcast media. And, I must admit that I am addicted to E! Entertainment Television, but also that I usually skip the reality shows of some airheads, such as the Kardashians. Maybe is not the Kardashians, is the fact that their show is a fake “reality show”.


E-mail:                                                                                     Twitter: @LindaSharkey

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Honey Im so proud of you!!! I love everything about this blog and I specially love the way you write…
    Keep on going!

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