Welcome  to Fashion Inside Out!: “An eye on style magazines”

This new blog covers the content of the top fashion magazines that are well known around the world such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Elle, Lucky, Pop, Glamour.

This is not one more blog about fame,gossips or hollywood.

It is about the focus of each different magazines and how it varies each month. Their focus on a particular fashion style and colours per season, their style icons and how their concept affect the fashion business. In addition, the theme of the month,interviews,top articles, top styles and events hosted by the magazines.

The creative, artistic and talented minds that work for fashion, makes it an entire industry. Being London, one of the fashion comsopolitan capitals, its an opportunity to create and develop a blog that will cover this entire world that had become so popular and powerful.

The content is backed with good material, as photos by the author and images scanned from magazines, material from websites will be hiperlinked.

Hope you all like this voyage inside the world’s top magazines that is about to start… Enjoy it and be fashion!!!

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  1. Linda congratulations for such a fantastic blog. I was looking for a British Bag and You have given me so many different options. Thanks

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