Pringle Scotland launch Archive Project 1811-2011

Lion print cashmere in Teen Vogue USA

Pringle Scotland and Central Saint Martins (CSM) launch the Pringle Archive Project 1822-2011 and is now on at the Sloane Street store.

Showcasing an amazing exhibition it includes fabulous pieces that have been re-designed by students from MA Fashion Course of Central Saint Martins, who took inspiration from Pringle’s previous collections and classic designs. These designers are Viktor Smedinge, William Hendry, Yeori Bae, Timur Kim and Estefania Cortes Harker.

This A/W collection includes sweaters, mostly of all of them made of 100% cashmere, and others mixed with wool.

At the bottom floor of the store you will find the Archives Project collection, which aims to explain to its clients why is Pringle the best cashmere option and why it is worth paying so much for a quality piece by going back to the past through a history of 200 years producing cashmere while being the royal family’s favourite thoughout the years.

Furthermore the collection includes “cardi combos”colour blocking cashmere, twins degrates of light and dark colours and animal print sweaters with prices from £275 to almost £1000.

I particularly LOVE the dress lion intarsia (left), designed by Estefania Cortes Harker, who took inspiration from Pringle’s iconic lion emblem. This £995 knit is hand made and 100% cashmere. It gives the perfect touch to so much Englishness, it even made it to Teen Vogue as the favourite of this collection.

Have a look at the exciting Archive ProjectPRINGLE ARCHIVE PRESENTATION_LR

Have a quick look  at the exhibition here:

Designers with their masterpieces:

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Catchy sparkling eyes

They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. If this is true, it is necessary to highlight them, right?

Party Glitterati. By Vogue Dec.09

At first instance, what comes to mind is “eyeshadows”, they give colour and illumination to the eyes.

But, there’s a new trendy style that Vogue proposes on its December issue: a new party glitterati.

You may associate glitter with your childhood, with a playful time with friends where you had your make-up case filled with different colours of glitter, but today it has grown up and toughen up.

Now, it is something more sophisticated which emulates exquisite jewels. Eyes are the most elegant place to wear it.

However, from a long time ago many lipsticks and palettes started to come covered with a delicate layer of sparkles.

This means that since then there had been a spirit that wants to shimmer and sparkle.

That’s why sequin and now glitter are coming to the top in the fashion industry.

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Vogue’s more dash than cash

By Vogue November 09

Trying to save some money and stay fashion at the same time?

Vogue proposed on its November issue the hidden potential in tea towels, rubber gloves, mop heads and more.

Whether sporting a military jacket and a customised M&S bra Vogue’s photos reveal how a brave sense of beauty and feverish attention to detail are key ingredients in an original look. It’s the upturned collar, the scrunched-up sleeve, the cinched waist that bring a fresh spirit.

No matter which the route is, they all lead to the same dashing inspiration…

So, enjoy this and think if you are brave enough to wear such creative things.

1. Tea Party. By Vogue November 09
2.Pick-and-mix kiosk. By Vogue November 09

Photo 1: inspired in a Chloe dress. It’s made from doilies, cupcake cases, a plastic tablecloth, a slosh of tea and a sprinkle of sugar. Total cost: £26.95.

Photo 2: 35 paper bags.Rike Feurstein’s hat. Total cost: £69.80

3. Blue-and-white. By Vogue November 09
3. Glove piece. By Vogue November 09

Photo3: Polythene blue-and-white shopping bags. Total cost: £2.00.

Photo 4: A clingfilm body-con dress is embellished with bath plug dots  and Marigold puffs, as inspired by Dolce & Gabanna’s slinky gowns with voluminous shoulders. Total cost: £151.50


Jimmy Choo is now Payless Choo!

After so many ads and two launching events, including one the 13th November in London (where Vogue took part) Jimmy Choo for H&M is finally open for fashionistas!

Last Saturday 14th November, H&M opened its high-street doors worldwide!

Anxious audiences even slept in tents the night before to be the first ones to enjoy such an anticipated collection of fashion and accessories for men and women.

A 23-year-old boy who was out in London streets early in the morning, said: “It was raining and there were around 20 people, not only girls, but boys in tents at 6:15 a.m. in front of Knightsbridge’s H&M.”

The opening day was quite chaotic in some London popular H&M stores such as in Oxford Street, where more than a hundred of people were queuing.

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Madonna’s particular teeth on Vogue’s covers

Front teeth with a gap: new fashion?

Georgia Jagger on Vogue's November cover 09

Is it just coincidence, or the front teeth with a gap are becoming as popular as Madonna?

It’s a family thing, it’s true, but not a fashion thing.

Fashion’s new bombshell, Georgia Jagger, is photographed by Mario Testino in Vogue’s November issue, being on the cover at only 17, with a name that opens doors and a face with distinguished teeth that attracts crowds.

On the other hand, the girl of the year, Lara Stone, took control of  Vogue’s cover on its December issue, showing her womanly curves and stunning sex appeal in an elegant white Christmas dress. Mario Testino captured her most wonderful side in this photo.

Apparently, more than a tradition, Madonna’s teeth are stylish and to be honest, this characteristic separates Stone and Jagger from the rest.

It’s something that they can take advantage of, if the rest of their face can attract the masses. I refer to the “rest” of the face, because there’s nothing like a beautiful smile.

Its simply, original.

Lara Stone on Vogue's December cover 2009

Hell for leather

leather by bazzar oct 09 1
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears a hot leather piece.

More than a John Galliano, Domenico Dolce or Stefanno Gabbana taste, leather is a British high-street fashion.

More than warming, leather is provocative, innovative and irreverent. Is simply a strong essential in every wardrobe.

More than accessories, you can even wrap yourself with this material, and if you don’t like the classic black leather go for bronze or joyful colours. Of course, more than the attitude, you’ll need the silhouette to wrap up and show-off a leather body.

According to Vogue magazine (November issue), this season, Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta and Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton gave leather a buttery chamois texture and worked into pretty shapes that feel refreshingly light to wear.

Vogue noticed a £195 laser-cut leather jacket by Cos. It doesn’t warm, but with a cashmere sweater underneath you’ll be warm enough.

leathe laser by vogue nov 09
Laser-cut leather jacket by Cos. Vogue November 09
leather by bazaar oct09
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in posh leather. Photo by Dusan Reljin for Bazaar October 09.

On its side, Bazaar magazine shows the brit model of the moment, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley striking a note of playful glamour in posh leather articles, such as a ludicrous £6,195 leather studded jacket from Yves Saint Laurent; a Marc Jacobs £985 leather bag; an Armani stunning crocodile leather jacket, £4,400; a Chanel £3,050 leather skirt; a Fendi £575 leather bustier; and more.

Every outfit can has a rock and roll touch, and leather is what spices it up.

In addition, it could vary from classic, to really chic-punk. Any how, leather is girls’ dark side, that’s why “leather” equals “sexy”.

Cosmopolitan magazine covered its pages with some basic but stunning leather photographs by  Tom Corbett, showing how to toughen up the wardrobe with this season’s staples.

Black is the punky and ruling colour, but not the only stylish one, so white comes to light, as a way to wear leather with class. Fashion stylist, Shelly Vella, show us how.

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September Issue: “The Real Devil Wears Prada”

September Issue Documentary


Although someone is not interested at all in the fashion industry will know what “Vogue” is.

Vogue is a top fashion and lifestyle magazine published in 16 countries plus Latin America by Condé Nast Publications.

The American Vogue is the head of this fashion business. That’s why the well-known filmaker R.J Cutler was brave enough to go with his camera inside the run-up of its September issue, which is the most important of the year, as “September is the January of fashion”.

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Union jack wave: British cool

More than a patriotic symbol, it is a fashion symbol

"Lust Haves" by Cosmopolitan magazine November 09

People from abroad wear T-shirts with the union jack although they don’t have “pure blood” from the UK, and in fact, this symbol doesn’t mean the same to them as to a proper British or Irish person.

However, for years, the British flag has been a code of fashion.

Today this code is still more than vivid, as top fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan,Bazaar and Vogue show the union jack as part of today’s ruling fashion, giving a focus to how well-known stores and designers keep creating clothes, shoes, bags, wallets and accesories with this so popular flag.

From expensive posh brands as Chanel and Gucci, to mid-market Zara, H&M, Next, Accesorize, River Island, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Anna Lou and even bargain stores such as Primark, sale a variety of union jack products, inspiring the British cool style.

In addition celebrities have made the union jack an established rule of fashion and an indispensable symbol in every wardrobe. Every Hollywood event has the union jacket colours on one or more guests.

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