Pringle Scotland launch Archive Project 1811-2011

Lion print cashmere in Teen Vogue USA

Pringle Scotland and Central Saint Martins (CSM) launch the Pringle Archive Project 1822-2011 and is now on at the Sloane Street store.

Showcasing an amazing exhibition it includes fabulous pieces that have been re-designed by students from MA Fashion Course of Central Saint Martins, who took inspiration from Pringle’s previous collections and classic designs. These designers are Viktor Smedinge, William Hendry, Yeori Bae, Timur Kim and Estefania Cortes Harker.

This A/W collection includes sweaters, mostly of all of them made of 100% cashmere, and others mixed with wool.

At the bottom floor of the store you will find the Archives Project collection, which aims to explain to its clients why is Pringle the best cashmere option and why it is worth paying so much for a quality piece by going back to the past through a history of 200 years producing cashmere while being the royal family’s favourite thoughout the years.

Furthermore the collection includes “cardi combos”colour blocking cashmere, twins degrates of light and dark colours and animal print sweaters with prices from £275 to almost £1000.

I particularly LOVE the dress lion intarsia (left), designed by Estefania Cortes Harker, who took inspiration from Pringle’s iconic lion emblem. This £995 knit is hand made and 100% cashmere. It gives the perfect touch to so much Englishness, it even made it to Teen Vogue as the favourite of this collection.

Have a look at the exciting Archive ProjectPRINGLE ARCHIVE PRESENTATION_LR

Have a quick look  at the exhibition here:

Designers with their masterpieces:

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