Versace for H&M coming soon

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Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsey Wixson: Versace for H&M

Remember that collaboration of Jimmy Choo with H&M? Stores were invaded by shopaholics leaving with 2, 3…5 blue boxes of a Choo’s pair of shoes.

Well, now it is Versace’s time to add Italian couture to the high street shop. In case that Versace is your thing, there’s only few weeks to go until the collection arrives in November!

The blondies of the moment, top models Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsey Wixson are the faces of this collaboration that will include colourful (maybe too colourful) and black designs with Versace’s classic touch.  Full details to come as soon as Versace invades London and world’s high streets.

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Versace for H&M

Interview with Elite model Samara Fagan

MODEL: Samara Fagan

We are getting a flavour of how it is like to be a model in the difficult fashion business. And for that, we have got 19-year-old Elite model Samara Fagan, who had a big change in her life since moving to London four years ago. She began in Elite by entering a competition and has now a contract with this top models agency, plus a busy schedule.

You might see this Australian-born girl on campaigns of high street fashion brands such as Wallis and in Fashion Weeks hitting the catwalk of amazing designers such as Jena Theo and Bora Aksu, with whom she has travelled around the world to showcase his collections.

Samara shares with FashionInsideOut her experiences, healthy diet, secrets and even her kind of guy! Enjoy…


ELITE portfolio: Samara Fagan
Samara Fagan for FashionInsideOut
Samara Fagan for FashionInsideOut
Samara Fagan for FashionInsideOut

Teen actress Hailee Steinfeld is Miu Miu’s face of innocence

Actress Hailee Steinfeld. By Nathan Blaney

The multi-award actress Hailee Steinfeld was a breakthrough in Hollywood, but now True Grit’s 14-year-old star is squeezing into fashion with big boys, such as Miu Miu.

Miu Miu A/W 11 campaign is fully  focused on this teenager, as the new collection is showcased in an animated book called “Portrait of Hailee” produced by the iconic Bruce Webber.

However, I’m not convinced. Don’t know if she really matches the collection, other than those glittery heels. Check her out!

What do you think?

New affordable leather ballerinas hit London

LABEL: oq shoes

Let’s all welcome oq shoes to the busy city of London, where we, girls, walk very often and have even acquired a particular skill for  the so called “power walks”. Usually we have a pair of flats in our bags for the moment that we have already killed our feet, and some business ladies kill their elegance by wearing trainers with their nice outfit.

Ballerinas and flats are in all year round: Summer with shorts, dresses and jeans, and winter with tights.

So, I guess it is possible to have style and comfort on a pair of leather ballerinas for an affordable price, ranging between £65 and £80.

Three Latin ladies full of energy, Gabriela Quintana, Andrea Jaramillo and Veronica Daantje have brought oqshoes to England. This brand has travelled all the way from Colombia to the UK with the intention of expanding all over Europe.

Yesterday, I visited their showroom in Kensington, where they were introducing the collection for the first time in London while inviting in their guests with delicious canapes and a glass of champagne. Of course, by the end of the night almost all of the shoes were gone. Nice leather ballerinas, classic models with different colours and textures. So much more designs and variety coming up, so FashionInsideOut will keep an eye on it!

Ballerinas and champagne in oq shoes' showroom
SHOWROOM: beige leather ballerinas
SHOWROOM: oq leather ballerinas
UPCOMING collection: online book to spot the next pair of ballerinas girls will buy
oq team: (from left to right) Veronica, Andrea & Gabriela

Gabriela Quintana, one of the partners of the brand, introduces oqshoes to FashionInsideOut:

Interview with jewelry designer Sam Ubhi

Last London Fashion Weekend I was sniffing around the Somerset House’s tent when I stepped by Sam Ubhi’s collection for the first time. I loved the leather and fringe clutches as well as the rings (I’m ‘ringholic’). She has a very unique style full of silver, colourful stones and casual leather.

I was too curious to met the face behind those creations and as soon as I launched the Interviews page, I thought of having London-based jewelry designer, Sam Ubhi, as one of my first guests, so let’s welcome her!

Find out a bit about her brand, inspirations and how much she travels to import the materials for her designs.

Check out her newly refurbished shop

Panama hats: a stylish summer worldwide

PANAMA hats have been in for years, for both boys and girls. They have been stylish, chic and elegant every summer worldwide.

However, not much people find the right one and usually the original Panama hats are thought to be bought in tropical countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and of course, Panama.

But it turns out that the Panama hat I’ve like the most in a guy, was bought in a small hats shop in Paris’ zone 6, called “La Cerise sur le Chapeau”, where the “madhatter” makes it specially for your head. And the best bit is that you get to choose the colours, bands and details in it. You could even design your own and buy it online for the price of 95€ (Panama) or 115(Panama fine).

I would like to share the anecdote of photographer Bill McClave’s Panama hat. He loved the shop so much, he ended up buying three hats to keep up with his stylish self. Check him out!

(Sorry for the bad quality, it was taken with my Blackberry.)

STYLISH: Photographer Bill McClave in his great Panama hat
Rocking the Panama style with Bill at the French Riviera. I bought mine at the Miami International airport.
fashion inside out
My Panama hat spotted by Bill's camera lens.

Fashion at Villefranche in the French Riviera

Hey sexy (s)!!! While doing my French course at the French Riviera, I have spotted some cool, chic and unique nascar styles in the hot weather of Villefranche. Voilà!


Shirt: Dolce & Gabbanna

Belt: Dolce & Gabbanna

Skirt: Italian high street

Flats: Channel








Shirt: Jack Willis

Shorts: TOPMAN

Shoes: Independent designers market in Singapore








Shirt: Massimo Dutti

Skirt: Local shop in Serbia

Shoes: Tods

Bag: Bluegirl







Shirt: Oversized Faconnable from men’s collection (she stole it from her dad, I like her!)

Shorts: Express

Heels: Steve Madden

Bag: Desigual







How American does Leonard looks in the French Riviera? Beige trousers, Under Armour fishing shirt and check out his 15-year-old NASCAR SHOES! How cute and cool he is?! With those shoes he deserves a “HEY SEXY” shout!

 Nascar shoes from IconShoes.

Amanda Holden is a casual blondie princess backstage

Amanda Holden: backstage outfit

AMANDA Holden keeps her fashion even backstage. She exchanged her ginger hair and green dress for a sporty casual outfit. Looking beautiful in her short blonde hairstyle Fiona remained a princess after playing her role in Shrek the Musical.

Khaki, cream colours and dark bluejeans ruled her outfit last night when leaving West End’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane, wearing her Chanel shades although it was almost 11:00 p.m.

The British star and judge of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent performed an outstanding role as Princess Fiona and her friendly personality attracted fans at the stage door, where she signed autographs and posed for FashionInsideOut.

I absolutely loved her Whistles look-alike cardigan and her tan leather bag. Summerish beige platforms gave the young and posh look. Love them!

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Dondup travels from Fossombrone to London

FashionInsideOut had the amazing pleasure of visiting the new collection’s showroom of  the Italian brand Dondup. With a great cocktail party in London Dondup plans to invade the capital with its unique pieces by top designers Manuela Mariotti for the women’s collection and Kevin James Morley for the men’s collection.

Everything is made locally at the embracing Italian town of Fossombrone and exported to London, where the collection is available at Knightsbridge’s department store Harvey Nichols.

While enjoying the night with great DJs, guests could walk around the room and have a look at the new collection, which with a touch of trashy vintage and a warrior spirit could bring a unique elegant style… Ohhh Italiaaaans… Mamma Mia!!!

The women’s collection is inspired by the American film from 1979,  The Warriors, in which different gangs of sailors, baseball players, moonrunners and  warriors came together to “fight the enemy”, but instead Dondup brings a message of love and friendship rather than hate and war.

Collection's inspiration from "The Warriors" (1979)

So, collections are inspired by six particular gangs: The Sailors, full of white, blue, red and gorgeous blazers; The Romantics brings the 17th Century to the 21st; The Moonrunners gives an innocent touch with floral prints and comfortable fittings; The Baseball, inspired by the popular NY Yankees, features sporty tops and silk blouses; and The Warriors, as the strongest, has elegant pieces and lots of black and grey colours with designs coming purely from Manuela’s heart.

On the other hand, designer Kevin tells us that the men’s collection is called “The Wanderer” and his pieces made with Italian and Japanese fabric bring to life “a guy that travels from place to place, who gets some money to eat and live by playing music and being an artist.

“That guy is my inspiration”, says Kevin.

Check out how this ginger model takes the role of the Wanderer Kevin is inspired by: Look Book – Dondup SS 12 MAN

And believe it or not this afro boy (Kevin James Morley), who makes reference to Bob Marley when spelling his surname, is a South Londoner from Croydan, who has been four years based in Fossombrone fully committed to Dondup. However, although he has been travelling around and living in Italy in the past years, his English spirit is still alive, if you ask him where to go for an afterparty, he will suggest “the pub”.

Meanwhile, top model Andres Velencoso has been the face of the brand for over four years while living between Barcelona and London. This Spanish guy not only caught Kylie Minogue’s attention, but was also in the eyes of the fashionistas at the reception, where with a great mood he agreed to pose for my lens. After some shots trying to get the baseball ball in the air, we finally achieved it and of course, I squeezed in the picture as well.

With Andres Velencoso and Kevin
Top model Andres Velancoso & designer Kevin J Morley
Designer Manuela & Orlando Girmbelli
Women's designer Manuela Maniotti

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Spring/Summer collection embraces Somerset House

London Fashion Week embraced the gray capital from 18 to 23 February with a stunning Spring/Summer 2011 collection full of maximum metallics, bright colours, soft pink, fringes, and of course Black Swan-inspired tutus.

As London was still rocking the runways, London Fashion Weekend followed from Thursday 24 until Sunday 27, sadly saying “so long, farewell”, giving a break to the fashion euphoria that will be back for the autumn/winter collection reminding us that the summer was nice, but short.

Once again, over 100 top designer’s tempting sales invaded Somerset House. Their collections squeezed shopaholics’ wallets as they purchased fresh designs for a new look this season. Designers included: American Retro, Amishi, Bolongaro Trevor, Bora Aksu, Shakuhachi, Madeline Thompson Cashmere, Ella Moss, Finsk, Michael Lewis, Makki, Oakwood, Twenty8Twelve, Sam Ubhi and so much more.

Fashionistas couldn’t pass by designer’s exhibition without having a quick look and either finding what they were looking for or falling in love with a stylish piece.

Jewerlly was better than never before. The ultimate accessories invaded the sales corridors, a bit of everything for different tastes. Rockstar style, elegant, funny fruity pieces, flowerish, elegant and hot rings, necklaces and earings that could be wear not only in this sunny season, but also during a the stylish winter nightlife.

The catwalk gives an insight and inspiration for the new season hair and beauty makeovers

Zara Martin presenting the catwalk

For the second time, Zara Martin hosted the catwalk, and her boring words became more chatty, but I can’t leave behind her constant look to the floor. Let’s stop criticising the yummie presenter and focus on the catwalk.

In the year of the Royal Wedding, classy English style and ballet fever, LFW gathered the best designers  and exposed their best trends on the runway, following particular themes: Swan Vesta, which with pop brights, pastels, crinolines, chiffon, laces, decorative small ribbons, feathers and  and monochromatic elegant pieces sends you to a dreamlike catwalk; Lady Brights included flourocent heels, Grease looklike knee length skirts, sculpting the body and giving it volume with lycras, wools and knits.

In addition, the catwalk included two top designers that shared their best S/S 2011 pieces: Turkish-born Bora Aksu, inspired by ants’ body shape, introduced geometric padded pieces tucked in waists alongside striking mettalic palette of greys, silver and reds. The Canadian-born Mark Fast, inspired by the oil slick qand Icelandic volcano eruption, fascinated the crowd with stitching techniques. using blending lycra and the finest wool, pinks and red on black and white bases, resulting in a luminous parade of tropical spirit with an elegant inside soul. His pieces were simply stunning, shaping the body.

Spring/Summer collections are usually my favourite, showing a bit more of skin and wearing some true colours that cheer up the day.

FashionInsideOut’s favuorite this season: FRINGES!… I was too tempted by the  leather clutches.

Tony & Guy added the springish hairstyle, Elizabeth Arden the hottest makeup, inspired by the metallic colours and 70s brights. The catwalk experienced gold eyeshadows, smokey eyes -always a sexy in- and orangy and red tones of lipsticks.

Elizabeth Arden team

As the last LFW, tickets are available online weeks before the event, tickets were being sold at the door as well, varying prices between £20 and £60: Black (entrance), Silver (entrance + showbag/catwalk), Gold (entrance + showbag + catwalk) , Platinum (Club Lounge). By adding £1 to your ticket you could take Elle magazine home with you and keep tasting the latest trends of the season.

See you all next season… et voilà!

Swan Vesta

 Lady Brights

Bora Aksu

Mark Fast 

Models leave the catwalk wearing Mark Fast's fringes
Once again with the 'Juicy' model
Juicy Couture stand

Fashionistas spotted…

Red Nose day by Vivienne Westwood

Finsk, always a favourite


LOVE Makki night hangbags and clutches